The Timeline Dilemma:

Anna Down South


Though you didn’t sit down and plan it this way, you have a timeline. A start here date. There’s a post circling the internet talking about “if I’m not engaged by 25 I might as well give up” or “if I don’t get the stable job right out of college my entire plans change”. We have a countdown, a stop watch ticking that seems to get faster as each birthday passes. The dreaded “I’m 20 and I haven’t done anything with my life”.

People have been talking about this a lot in our generation, and we’re so stressed out about it that quarter life crisis is a coined term. We’re not 100% sure where our timeline came from or when it formed, but it’s there. So how do we deal with… not making it in time?

I was talking to a friend recently about how dangerous it is to set…

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