You and the Rain

(I love poems and I love watching spoken word poetry. But I know I can barely weave beautiful words to pass as a poem. This is my first attempt, so please bear with me.)

I watched as the rain spatters on the ground –

Each drop striking a gleeful chord,

Each drop watering the thirsty soul,

Each drop inviting to soak it all.


Situated as a tropical paradise,

The rain is hard to come by.

But still I waited,

I held on to the promise that it will come – no matter what.


I would gladly wait for the rain –

So I can dance under its nourishing grains,

So I can let the drops kiss my skin,

So I can embrace them with my heart open.


Just like the way I waited for the rain,

I placed my faith in you.

The sun is still high in the sky,

But I know you will come pouring soon.

You will water my parched heart,

You will bring life to my barren soul.


When I saw the rain coming,

I was ecstatic, I wanted to run

And catch the first drop

Before it touches the ground.


Like the rain, you did not fail.

There was no cold wind that signal your arrival,

Only your warm spirit that came flooding my entirety,

I was swept away almost instantly.


But Mother held me back,

I was not ready for the rain, she said; I will get sick.

How is something I’ve wanted all my life make me ill?

I did not listen, I followed my own will.


They warned me that I should be cautious,

I should guard my gentle heart,

And not let it break into pieces,

But I know I’ve waited enough, I will not let this chance pass.


Now, the waiting is over.

You danced with me as we nourished away the pain,

You kissed me with every drops and bits of you,

You embraced me tight, and told me you are never letting go.


Mother was right, I was not ready for the cold.

Before I realize, I was chilling to my core,

Staying would put my weak body in danger,

Alas, the rain stopped before I could even bid goodbye.


The sun came back with all its radiance,

And dried up everything that was.

Rain, when we meet again,

I promise to be stronger than ever.


They were right, I should have been wary of you,

You began to slip away, bit by bit.

Slowly loosening the grip that once hold us tight.

Alas, you were gone before I could even bid goodbye.


I wonder if I could have the same faith as before,

The kind of patience that does not doubt nor fear.

You, when we meet again,

I promise to be cautious more than ever.


I watched intently as your heavy footsteps hit the ground,

Each step striking a melancholic chord,

Each step depriving the thirsty soul,

Each step drowning me within it all.


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